SPELL RESULTS; Every person & case is different. We do NOT control when results are given and many obstacles in the way can also delay your results which is why its a MUST the you always get cleansings & obstacles remove to help speed up your results. Estimated Time frame for results can be seen, Same night of casting or 3 days, or 2weeks or even up to 3 months. Be patient .
No you won't. We do the spell for you.
No. All Sales are FINAL because all the candles, oils and herbs etc that are used in your ritual are irretrievably after we used them for your ritual. * If by chance you don't see results after 3 months then you can contact us & we will do ONE free recast for you. Blessings.
No, sorry we do not. Payment must be made for us to cast for you.
Yes then only payments we except are through Paypal and CashApp. To send us CashApp payment please contact us FIRST letting us know you would like to do this , do we can send you then info.